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Machine Warranty

Thanks to our lengthy experience in development of cars and engine optimization, BSR, unlike most our our competitors, has a machinery guarantee. Our knowledge is your assurance when you choose to buy a tuning kit from BSR. Our team of experienced R&D pros carry out extensive quality assurance tests that guaranteethe quality of the products we develop. This Machinery Guarantee ensures you that your car will not be damaged.    

Activation required 
Please, note that you have to activate the Machine Warranty by yourself for it to be valid. You activate it by logging in at your BSR pages with your BSR username and password. There you will be able to accept the conditions and confirm that your car meets the requirements. The Machine Warranty must be activated within 3 weeks from the time of buying. 

Covers any damage to the powertrain 
The Machine Warranty covers any damage to equipment, such as engine and transmission, in cars that have been chipped / tuned / upgraded with products from BSR. For the warranty to be valid, your car must meet the conditions (see below). Here are some of the main points: 1) The car must not be older than 4 years. 2) The car must not have passed 120.000km. 3) The car shall be in good condition. 4) Service must have been performed according to service book. 5) Engine oil should be changed at least every 15.000th km or every 12th months. 6) The original price must not exceed SEK 1 000 000 for cars and SEK 1 500 000 for campers/motorhomes, excluding country unique charges.

General Conditions

  • The warranty applies when the car is chipped / tuned / upgraded at the time of purchase from BSR or at any of BSR authorized dealers.
  • The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date the car is chipped / tuned / upgraded. The warranty can be extended for two additional 12-month periods. The maximum warranty period is therefore 3 years.
  • The car can not be older than 4 years, in regards to first registration date. (See "Warranty expires" below).
  • The car shall be in good condition.
  • The warranty applies only to cars registered in Europe.
  • The warranty can be purchased for cars with an original price of up to 1 000 000 SEK, excluding country unique charges.
  • The warranty can be purchased for campers/motorhomes with an original price of up to 1 500 000 SEK, excluding country unique charges.
  • Sealing of components can be performed in connection with the signing of the warranty.
  • Service must be performed according to service book from the date of registration and throughout the warranty period by a certified garage or BSR approved garage with certified stamps.
  • Engine oil should be changed at least every 15 000th km /12 months.
  • The warranty is valid for the BSR chip tuning "upgrade". The guarantee also applies to supplementing of the air filter and exhaust system supplied by BSR.
  • The warranty applies to hardware damage that can not be replaced by the car manufacturers warranty or under normal conditions of machine warranty in the regular motor vehicle insurance. Contingent refusal of compensation by the car manufacturer or car insurance company shall be in writing.
  • The warranty also covers towing when property damage is compensable from the warranty. 

  • The warranty does not apply for cars already modified / tuned / upgraded.
  • The warranty does not apply for normal wear items such as clutch.
  • The warranty does not apply for manufacturing defects.
  • The warranty is void if the replacement of chips or other modifications are performed by anyone other than BSR or its resellers within the warranty period.
  • The warranty is void if other modifications are made, for example replacement of camshaft, turbocharger, etc.
  • The warranty does not apply for driving that can be considered abnormal or operation that may be considered defective. Nor in case of driving equal to that of race cars.
  • The warranty does not apply in case of theft, attempted theft, illegal driving.
  • The warranty does not apply for damage caused by fire.
  • Cost of troubleshooting is not compensated.

  • The warranty expires 1 year after "the date of tuning / upgrade” or 4 years from first date of registration, or mileage 120,000 km (even if one year has not passed since upgrading).
  • The warranty is void if service is not performed in accordance with service book.
  • The warranty is linked to the business / private person buying the BSR product. If change of ownership for the vehicle takes place, the warranty is not valid for new owner.

  • For damages related to car manufacturers defects in materials or construction the claim must in the first place be directed against the respective car manufacturer or its resellers.
  • In reference to the BSR Machine Warranty, contact must FIRST be taken with BSR or their resellers before any measures can be taken. Cost of repairs carried out without our prior written consent is not compensated.
  • Self-participation in the event of damage is 2500 SEK.
  • Warranty certificate along with confirmation of machine warranty must be presented along with the claim.